Full Name
Bob Miller
Job Title
Chief Operating Officer
Global Data Systems
Speaker Bio
With 30 years at high technology companies including multiple startups, Bob has served in senior positions throughout his career including Founder, Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Senior Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer. These industries include Software Development, Internet Service providers, Competitive Local Exchange Carrier, Engineering Geographic Information Systems, Aerospace Satellite, On-Demand Delivery, and Managed Security Service Providers. Bob has lived and worked in Chicago, Silicon Valley California, and Silicon Bayou Louisiana.

Bob is a patented inventor and, in addition to his technical knowledge, has spent years on his skills in product development, people management, business operations, and business development. He is a student of Innovation Engineering and a firm believer in utilizing proven systems for taking ideas from concept to commercialization. His leadership and business expertise have helped build successful companies creating maximum return on investment for their investors and have helped these companies get funded with everything from seed investment to taking them public. As founding Director and co-creator of the Opportunity Machine, a technology incubator in Lafayette Louisiana, Bob has helped many start-ups use these skills to become high-growth companies.
Bob’s college degree is in computer science, and he still writes software for all mobile platforms and multiple operating systems when time allows. His knowledge of software development, network engineering, and internet protocols has helped him understand how digital ecosystems function and how interactive applications like social media, telepresence, and cyber security can be used to adapt to rapidly changing environments. When the pandemic hit, GDS was able to go fully remote in a single business week with its workforce without affecting security, productivity, or scheduled service deliveries. Bob created the Security Maturity Level® framework to help MSSPs better communicate and sell products and services to their customers and transitioned GDS from a Managed Service provider to a Managed Security Service Provider. GDS is in the Top 100 MSPs in the ChannelE2E list for the United States.
Bob Miller