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George Usi
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George Usi is the CEO of Omnistruct Inc, a GaaS (cyber Governance-as-a-Service) company with a vision to be the safety airbag of cyber risk and compliance. We help C-Suites and Board Members demonstrate reasonable actions in cyber privacy & security using new US guidelines developed by NIST. After more than twenty-five years in internet open standards, networking, and security, George recognized that getting hacked in an Internet delivered world was a matter of when. He also recognized that cyber laws with the potential of steep fines for business leaders who neglect to illustrate cyber security diligence would evolve with more aggressive sanctions in arrears of hacker success. So, he ideated a goal to eliminate cyber risk and set a mission for Omnistruct to be the “safety airbag” of cyber compliance. With a continuous audit and documentation approach, business owners can protect consumer privacy rights when they ideate, illustrate, and continuously measure their cyber posture using a new US guideline in cyber risk developed by NIST. George attended California State University-Chico, is a graduate of California State University Sacramento and a graduate of the Stanford Latino Executive Initiative (SLEI-ed) and Latino Business Action Network (LBAN) Graduate School of Business certificate program.
George Usi